Lifeguards Workshops

      The LifeGuards are a group of gay and bisexual men who offer HIV prevention programs to all men who have sex with men without regard to HIV status. A LifeGuards workshop meets once a week for 2 or 4 weeks and is designed to maximize the participant's HIV awareness and risk reduction behaviors. Professionally trained peer educators committed to promoting healthy sex in our communities lead each of these groups.

      We also present educational programs and activities for large groups.

      The LifeGuards believe one of our most important activities is to train other peer educators to do prevention work and to expand such efforts as much as possible. We offer a comprehensive "Training of the Trainers" program to increase our capacity to carryout the message of safer sex to as many men as possible. We realize that peer support, sharing of important life experiences in a safe and supportive environment, and a constant reinforcement of safer sex practices are important factors in reducing the transmission of HIV.

      Workshops are posted to this site when scheduled. Workshops can be scheduled once we have secured a host and at least 8 participants. Workshops are be arranged to meet for 4 consecutive Tuesdays or Thursdays, from 7-10pm each week to meet for 2 consecutive Saturdays, from 9am-4pm each week.

      All workshops meet at the host's home. Participants must commit to all sessions of the workshop. There is no charge for the workshop, and meals are included: dinner at the Tuesday and Thursday workshops; breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

      If you are interested in attending or hosting a workshop, please call or e-mail us. We will help you and answer your questions.